A day of remembrance, honour and constant reminder that the goods of democracy and the fundamental rights we enjoy today have not always been, and should not be taken for granted, is the Anniversary of the Athens Polytechnic Uprising“, says the President of the Hellenic Open University’s Administrative Committee, Professor Ioannis Kalavrouziotis, in his message on the 50th Anniversary of the Athens Polytechnic Uprising.

Fifty years later, with respect and gratitude, we honour the struggle of young people for Democracy, Freedom and Dignity. Their struggle for a better tomorrow. Beyond and above political controversies, the Athens Polytechnic Uprising constitutes a timeless symbol of struggle, democracy and unity which inspires every democratic citizen“, Mr. Kalavrouziotis notes and adds: “Preserving the message of the Uprising as a valuable legacy, it is the duty and responsibility of all of us to move forward with unity and with the future of our children in mind, focusing on the contemporary aspirations of young people for equal opportunities in life, progress and personal development, with the knowledge and culture that Education offers them as a resource – now as then -“.

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