The history walk titled “A tour in the refugee neighbourhoods of Kokkinia” is organized by the First Programme of ERT (Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation) with the support of the Municipality of Nikaia-Ag. Renti on Sunday, October 24, at 11:00 in Krini square. The program has been curated by the journalist Thomas Sideris and the historian-president of the Magnesia Association of Asia Minor Archontia Papadopoulou. Eleni Falirea also participates along with her band, and the organization has been undertaken by “UNGUARDED PASSAGE + THE PEOPLE’S ROADS”.

Registrations by email are necessary ([email protected]), stating first and last name, and telephone number. URBAN WALK / 5 KOKKINIA includes the following thematic units: The refugees, The settlements, the factories, Vaggos, The Resistance, The Executions, Hammam “Asia Minor” The Songs.

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