A new historical documentary sheds light on the dark pages of World War II in Crete. Another war crime, this time in the mountains of Psiloritis, confirms how little we know about this difficult period, the aftermath of which can be seen through a deep and unspoken mourning.

The Last Prayer: the chronicle of two executions in the shadow of Psiloritis“, directed by Viki Arvelaki and Katerina Bikaki,

will be screened at the Piraeus Association’s event hall, 104 Karaiskou Street, Pl. Korai, Municipal Theatre metro stop on Sunday 28 April at 11:00 am.

This is the third event in the cycle of presentations 2023-24 of Drossoulites “Stu kiklu ta girismata” about Cretan history and tradition; the presentation of the book of G. The presentation of the book “1909-1922 Revolution and Counter-revolution in Greece” at the Cretan Centre amphitheatre, and the lecture “The houses of our ancestors – The charm of the insignificant” by George Stamatakis at the hall of the Historical Archive of the University of Athens.

Kostis Mamalakis, historical researcher and historical advisor of the film, will introduce the film.

Admission is Free

The Film

The documentary, produced in 2023, refers to the events that took place on September 4 and 5, 1943 in Mylopotamos, Crete. The bloody weekend left behind 32 dead from six villages.

Avdanites| Avdellas| Agios Mamas | Kalyvos| Livadia| Kritsa

More Information

1943: Time counts down for the forces of Occupation. The Germans try in vain to regain their lost strength. In their attempt to neutralize resistance activity in the mountains, they declare the mountains a no-go zone. But the shepherds of Psiloritis, having no other way to feed their families, defy the danger and violate the forbidden zone, risking their lives.

No one can imagine the devastation that is coming.

The Filmmakers

Directed by| Viki Arvelaki & Katerina Bikaki

Screenplay| Viki Arvelaki & Katerina Bikaki

Historica Councelor| Konstantinos Ε. Mamalakis

Research| Katerina Bikaki

DP | Michalis Bouchlis

Drone | Michalis Bouchlis

Editor| Michalis Bouchlis 

Composer| Vrouvogiannis

Audio Processing – Audio Mixing | Yorgos Skalidis– Mousikes Katagrafes

Produced by| Cyclos Film

In Co-operation with| Cultural Centre of Crete

Duration: 58 minutes

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