The ESTIA Nea Smyrni has, maintains and operates Museums with rare, unique and highly important museum relics of Asia Minor and not only, Hellenism. For the most part, its collection was created, enriched and continues to grow thanks to the donations and bequests of its Members, but also of the wider society!

ESTIA Nea Smyrni offers its visitors the opportunity to take a daily tour of its Museum Collection. Visitors who wish to attend the tours can contact us by phone at 210 9333702 – 210 9330274 or by e-mail at the address, subject to availability.
*Guided tours are available in Greek and English.
  • Dates and Hours: Monday to Frida yfrom 9:00 to 16:00
  • Duration: 60’
  • Participants: From 2 to 30 persons
* Participants are requested to arrive at the Museum 15 minutes before the agreed starting time of the tour.
Group, Schools and Private Tours
ESTIA Nea Smyrni also offers you the opportunity to schedule your own private, educational or group tour, according to your needs. Schedule your tour in time, by calling 210 9333702 – 210 9330274 or online at [email protected].
Konstantinos Paleologos 1, 171 21
Nea Smyrni, Tel. 210 9333 702 – 210 9330 274,
Fax: 210 9333694
[email protected]

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