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The British School of Athens and the Archipelago Network invite art lovers to participate in an exclusive evening to celebrate the rich heritage of Sifnos ceramics, exploring its importance in shaping the cultural landscape of the island. For the first time in Athens, BSA is proud to present the first screening of the Archipelago Network’s documentary series, offering an insightful look at Sifnos’ contemporary pottery communities.

For centuries, pottery has been intertwined with the island’s heritage, artistic creativity, and economy; to this day, over fifteen pottery workshops continue to produce distinctive ceramic objects renowned to both local and international audiences. The three short documentaries will transport us into the potteries of Nikos & Giannis Lembesis, Antonis & Giannis Atsonios, and Antonis K. Kalogirou, combining in-depth interviews, observational footage and historic archival photographic materials from these multi-generational spaces.
Moving beyond the screen and drawing on the BSA’s long research history on archaeological and contemporary pottery, experts will come together for insightful conversations, bridging the past and present. The director of Archipelago Network, Jacob Moe, will present the films in conversation with Evangelia Kiriatzi, Director of the BSA’s Fitch Laboratory for Archaeological Science, Rebecca Sweetman, Director of the BSA, and Toby Brundin, the Director of the Craft Potters Association, UK, bringing together their reflections on tradition and innovation, island resilience, and human and object mobility.
The screening and conversation will be followed by a garden reception.