The Benaki Museum pays tribute to its long-standing director, the late Angelos Delivorrias, who envisioned and implemented its expansion and satellite scheme, by establishing the ‘Angelos Delivorrias’ Annual Lectures. Every March, a speaker active in one of the many cognitive fields in which Delivorrias excelled, will be invited to deliver a lecture, which will be published in printed form as part of a series.

This year’s lecture will be given by Michael Herzfeld, Ernest E. Monrad Professor of the Social Sciences , Department of Anthropology, Harvard University, and is entitled “Monuments of the Word” or Intangible Heritage? The History and Consequences of a Misleading Distinction in Greece and Elsewhere.”

The lecture will be given in Greek.

Tuesday 19 March 2024, at 19:00
Benaki Museum-Museum of Greek Culture (Koubari 1, Athens0

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