How did west European travellers describe and depict Istanbul after its conquest by the Ottomans? How was the Ottoman capital created and what monuments defined it? How did the various Istanbuliot ethic groups shape the mosaic of the capital?

After our successful tours in Asia Minor and the Aegean Sea, we sail forth to Sea of Marmara and anchor in the Golden Horn. Together with Ioli Vingopoulou and Dimitris Loupis, we will be exploring virtually Istanbul and its surroundings from the 16th century to the early 20th centuries.

Our online tours are held in Greek, however, all will be subtitled in English and streamed on-line at

Participation is free of charge.


January 8: The first acquaintance

January 22: From the Queen of Cities to the Ottoman capital

February 5: The people of the capital

February 19: The apogee of architecture

March 4: Contrasts & Compositions

March 11: Consolidation, Experimentation, Renewal

April 1: The new era of Constantinople

April 15: Aspects and reflections of modernity

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