“The Members of the Board of Directors and the employees of “ESTIA NEA SMYRNI ” and the day-care center “House of Peace” express their sincere and warm condolences for the death of the late President of ESTIA Ioannis Papadatos.

We were deeply shocked by the news of his sudden death.

We bid a crushing farewell to a wonderful man.

His intellectual wealth, his spiritual richness, his mental kindness and his unconditional love for ESTIA and culture are the priceless legacy he chose to leave behind, as the youngest reformer of ESTIA, and a bright guide for all of us.

For this sad loss we wish his family, who has actively supported in various ways the work of ESTIA Nea Smyrni for decades, good courage and strength and we are sure that his memory will remain indelibly engraved in the consciousness of all of us.

  • The funeral service will be held on Saturday, February 3, 2024 at 12:00 p.m. at the Holy Metropolitan Church of Agia Fotini Nea Smyrni.
  • The burial will take place at the Nea Smyrni Cemetery.

– The family wishes that instead of wreaths, anyone who wishes to support financially the day-care center”House of Peace”.”


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Nea Smyrni, Τηλ. 210 9333 702 – 210 9330 274,
Fax: 210 9333694
[email protected]www.estia-ns.gr

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