The Ministry of Culture is upgrading the archaeological site of Olynthos (the city, which according to Herodotus was founded in the middle of the 7th century BC) in terms of lighting and security infrastructure in order to ensure the safe movement of visitors and spectators in the ancient equestrian city, a site that participates annually in the events of the institution “All of Greece one Culture”.

The Minister of Culture, Lina Mendoni, said: “The upgrading operations at the archaeological site of Olynthos are part of the Ministry of Culture’s programme for the improvement of sites and infrastructure, with the aim of hosting events at archaeological sites and museums in Halkidiki. Since 1990, when the restoration of the monuments and the promotion of the archaeological site of Olynthos began, several blocks and three public buildings of the classical city have been restored, providing the public with a well-designed archaeological site with a high level of visitor traffic. By improving the infrastructure we are upgrading the aesthetic and functional aspects of this unique archaeological site of Central Macedonia, which hosts a variety of events during the summer months. It is our policy to enrich, revitalize and utilize the cultural heritage, with the promotion of modern cultural and artistic creation, aiming at the promotion and utilization of the entire cultural capital of our country.

The lighting study aims to ensure the safe navigation of visitors, the display of the external routes, the central square and the planting. General path and road lighting to the archaeological site museum and lighting in greenery and garden configurations is provided. The security systems design includes preventive and suppressive measures to protect against fire by installing a network of cameras, which will operate via a wireless telecommunication system, so that they can be monitored and operated in real time from anywhere and by an authorised user via a security code. It is planned to provide audio information and instructions to visitors and to install information signs to guide visitors.

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