The grand prize for lighting design LIT Design Award for 2021 was awarded yesterday to EleftheriaDecaux for the new Acropolis lighting, in the presence of the Minister of Culture and Sports, Lina Mendoni, at the Acropolis Museum.

The image of our crowning monument,” said Lina Mendoni, “reflects and radiates the image of the country. The lighting now highlights the whole of the Sacred Rock, the Walls, the volume, the geometry of each monument, from every possible vantage point. The marbles, whiter than ever, reflect the natural material, highlighting every aspect, every shape, emphasizing the relief of the decoration of each monument. This work is being awarded today. This work is being recognized internationally by experts in the art and technique of lighting, worldwide. The light of the Acropolis travels all over the world. It highlights the most important monument of Western Civilization. It showcases the cultural heritage of our country. It showcases Greece.”

The LIT Design Awards, based in Switzerland, were created to recognize the efforts of talented international lighting product designers and lighting applicators. They reward creativity and innovation in the fields of lighting products and lighting applications. It is noted that the Acropolis lighting was donated and implemented by the Onassis Foundation, in cooperation and under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

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