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Καθορίστηκαν από το ΥΠΠΟΑ οι προϋποθέσεις λειτουργίας των Σχολών Παραδοσιακής Μουσικής


The long-standing demand of decades, the establishment of a Traditional Music Department by the Ministry of Culture and Sports in municipal and private music schools is now a reality. The relevant Ministerial Decision was signed and published in the Government Newspaper. As a result, the professional rights for all those who teach and are taught Traditional Music instruments in these schools are guaranteed.

As the Minister of Culture and Sports Lina Mendoni said “With the institutionalization of traditional music studies, an important obligation of the State towards all those who have dedicated their lives and work to this type of music is fulfilled. It is the result of strenuous effort, painstaking and systematic work of many years, a working group consisting of personalities with remarkable scientific and artistic work.  This development broadens the scope and upgrades the quality of Greek music education. It justifies the tireless efforts of teachers and students in Conservatories, Music Schools and Byzantine Music Schools. This recognition creates the conditions for the re-activation of the craftsmen who make instruments using this type of music, preserving age-old traditions. For the first time since the 19th century, when music schools began to operate, the departments of traditional music instruments are recognised by the State.

The upgrading of artistic education, which includes the upgrading of Greek music education, is our priority. The institutionalisation of traditional music studies is the first tangible step”.

With the Ministerial Decision, the Schools of Traditional Music are recognized the studies and titles of the established Greek traditional instruments in the local, national and wider eastern repertoire, in the individual genres of the demotic, modern Greek folk urban and “scholarly” – elegant Greek traditional music and in-use loans from related musical traditions of the eastern Mediterranean. The departments of study are: Song and Organs of the Pan-Hellenic and wider Eastern repertoire, Organs of local traditional repertoires, Organs of the special repertoire of Modern Greek Folk Urban Music, and Theory.

The Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports, Nikolas Yatromanolakis, made the following statement: “This gesture by the Ministry of Culture and Sports comes to fill an important gap in the field of traditional music studies. In addition, the strengthening of the teaching of musical instruments will in turn contribute to the development of the sector of their manufacture, thus keeping alive centuries-old traditional techniques. It is the first step as we are already in the process of planning the modernisation and upgrading of music studies and the way in which conservatories operate in Greece, a decades-old pending issue that has left their graduates’ degrees ungraded. As the Ministry of Culture and Sports, we are determined to shield and strengthen the institution of the conservatory, the backbone of music studies and music creation in our country.”

Note: Attached you will find the FEK (“Official Regulations on the determination of the conditions for the operation of Traditional Music Schools”).