Conservation work on the paintings and stone elements of the Palace and the Temple of Hodegetria is proceeding systematically, as part of the wider programme implemented by the Ministry of Culture for the promotion of the Castle Town of Mystras.

View of the Palace complex

The Minister of Culture, Lina Mendoni, said: “The Castle Town of Mystras is an outstanding monumental complex, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Mystras, one of the most important administrative centres of the Peloponnese, incorporates elements of the late Byzantine and Ottoman periods. The conservation work on the painted decoration and stone elements in the Palace and the Temple of Hodegetria is part of the conservation work for the protection of all the Byzantine temples within the archaeological site, as part of the extensive programme of restoration of the monuments of Mystras carried out by the Ministry of Culture. The aim of this overall intervention is to improve the accessibility and visibility of this major archaeological site, to enhance the visibility and promotion of its monuments and to shield the site from the severe effects of the climate crisis.”

The conservation study examines the coatings, the fresco decoration and the mortars preserved on the internal and external surfaces of the Palace complex. Conservation work includes fixing the detached and decayed coatings, fixing the colour layer of the mural decoration, removing previous work, and aesthetic restoration of the painted decoration.

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