With the Certification of the Archaeological Museums of Epirus – Arta, Igoumenitsa, Ioannina and Nikopolis – according to the institutional framework of 2021, the pilot implementation of the Certification process of state museums operating or founded by the Ministry of Culture, in the framework of its reform program, “Hellenic System of Recognition and Certification of Museums”, was completed. The programme will now be developed with the state museum organisations of Western Macedonia and Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.

The certification process takes into account the scale and specific characteristics of each state museum. A key tool in the Certification process is the self-assessment of each museum organization through the completion of a form that constitutes an x-ray of all its operations. Each museum is asked to describe its organisational, financial and staff structure, its building infrastructure, its way of setting up, its documentation tools and the means of managing and conserving its collections, its communication policy, its extroversion activities and the services it offers to the public.

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