An autopsy of the works carried out by the services of the Ministry of Culture in the historic core of the former royal estate in Tatoi, was carried out by the Minister of Culture Lina Mendoni, head of a large team of the Ministry of Culture.

Lina Mendoni was thoroughly informed about the progress of the works and gave clear instructions for their continuation, so that the overall project of restoration, enhancement and performance of the estate is completed in the best possible way and within the predetermined timeframes.

Work is progressing smoothly on the restoration of the Palace, the construction of its infrastructure networks and the landscaping of its surroundings. At the same time, the museological studies have been completed and the museographic studies are in progress. The works for the restoration of the Palace are also being followed by the restoration of the Gardens, where a contractor has recently been appointed, with a completion date of the end of 2025.

After the restoration of the Old Cowshed, it will host the Museum of Royal Carriages. The important technical issues that arose during the implementation of the project necessitated a time extension of the works, which are now progressing smoothly. The museological and museographic study of the Old Cowshed has also been completed. The restoration works on the buildings of the “Car Park” complex have been completed and are expected to be delivered for use next autumn. These buildings will house visiting conservation workshops so that visitors will be able to follow the restoration process of objects from the estate’s collections. One of them will be given to the Boy Scouts, currently housed in Katsimidi, and a second will house a Fire Station, absolutely necessary to have within Tatoi.

In the upcoming autumn, the completed buildings of the Sturm House, the Caretaker’s House, the Master Gardener House and the Telecommunications will be handed over for cultural use. The Culinary building is now also complete, and from the beginning of 2026 it will house the Palace ticket office, the cloakroom, the refreshment room and the office of the Palace Museum managers. Until then, it will temporarily host an exhibition, with all the studies and works carried out in the historical core of the Tatoi estate, alongside the Ranger’s House, which already functions as an Information Centre.

Finally, the conservation and restoration of the movable objects of the former royal family continues, as well as the process of recording, documenting, digitizing and preserving the collections of Tatoi.

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