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The Ministry of Culture and Sports announces the State Playwriting Awards 2020 after the completion of the work of the three competent Committees (Playwriting, Playwriting for Children and “Chrysa Spilioti” state award for Young Playwrights).
  1. State Playwriting Award

Α) “The Needles of the Citrus Tree” by Panagiotis Kalyvitis

Β) “HAPPY PLACE” by Eleni Kostopoulou, penname “Nick-Back”.

  1. C) “Thirteen stories the water took away” by Eleftheria Michailidi, penname “Aggela Gavriilidi”
  2. State Playwriting for Children Award: “Merry Christmas, Dear Charlie” by Sofia-Anna Theofanous, penname “Lotte Ingersol”

Also, commendations to the following:

  1. “Cinnamon root” by Vasiliki Konstantopoulou, penname “Pinelopi Zervakou”
  2. “Anxious spirit” by Sofia Margariti, penname “Kabuki”
  3. “A fairy tale girl, a tailor and the tree that told tales” by Maria Garyfallia Dendrinou, pen-name “Nikos Garoufallou”
  4. “Chrysa Spilioti” State Award for Young Playwrights: “Four women leaving” by Christos Anthis, penname “Ratchet”, and commendation to the work “FUIT” by Alexandros Chantzis