Restoration work is underway on monuments in the historic cemetery of Murat Reis – the homonymous Murat Reis Mosque and the Mehmet Sekib Mausoleum – within the Medieval City of Rhodes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, according to the wider planning of the Ministry of Culture.

The Minister of Culture, Lina Mendoni, declared: “The restoration interventions at the Murat Reis Mosque, a designated historical monument as a building of special morphological, architectural interest, which attests to the general urban planning and socio-historical development of the region, and the Mehmet Sekib Mausoleum, are part of the overall restoration and enhancement project of the Ottoman burial complex of the same name. The Murat Reis Mosque, which has remained closed since 2000, is a very important monument of local Muslim history. At the same time, it is a unique example of architecture, combining features of the Ottoman Baroque period with Egyptian and neoclassical elements.”

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