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Excavations carried out by the Larisa Ephorate of Antiquities, under the direction of archaeologist Nektaria Alexiou, at the site “Skiathas” have brought to light the architectural remains of a monumental building and two marble heads of a boy and a girl. It appears to be a Hellenistic temple (3rd-2nd centuries BCE) constructed from local stone. The site is located in the coastal area Kato Polydendri, next to the harbour of Agiokampos, in a wooded and remote area. The ancient settlement at this site was walled and naturally fortified by a deep river. Two natural bays were probably its harbours. In the past, A. Tziafalias, honorary ephor of Antiquities, had carried out excavations to reveal the wall of the acropolis. Sculptures, ceramics and coins from this site are exhibited in museums in Larisa and Volos. Among the findings, sealed tiles with the names of the owners of the workshops and one tile with the inscription MELIVOIAS are impressive, since the site may be identified with Melivoia, an ancient city in the area of Magnesia. Continuing research is expected to give answers regarding important questions in this area, which is very rich in antiquities.