The restoration works are underway at the “Staircase” and the “Lustral Basin” of the complex of the ” Little Palace” in the archaeological site of Knossos.

The “Little Palace ” is located to the northwest of the palace of Knossos, with which it seems to have been connected via the so-called “Royal Road”.

The Minister of Culture, Lina Mendoni, said: “The Palace of Knossos is the largest of the centres of Minoan power. The initiated interventions are part of the preliminary management plan of the Minoan Palace Centres, which the Ministry of Culture is implementing in the context of the serial nomination of the Minoan Centres to the UNESCO World Heritage List. The ” Little Palace ” of Knossos is an important monument, organically united with the main palace.Based on the recording of the pathology of the monuments, the specific interventions are included in the immediate actions as they are reflected in the overall plan for the protection of the monuments of the archaeological site. At the same time, interventions to upgrade the operation of the archaeological site and consequently the visitor’s experience are initiated.”

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