The acceleration of the procedures for the restoration of the problems caused by the fire of 23 August 2023, in the monastic complex of Hosios Loukas, was discussed at an extended meeting under the Minister of Culture Lina Mendoni, in the presence of the Bishop of Thebes and Levadeia, Georgios, the General Secretary of Culture George Didaskalos and the relevant officials.

Specifically, due to the damage caused by the fire, the ruined cell of Joasaph (19th century. ), which is part of the southeastern wing of the Monastery, it was deemed necessary to revise the architectural description of the restoration study of the southeastern wing of the Monastery, which has been carried out for the last year by the professors of the National Technical University of Athens, Charalambos Mouzakis and Eleftheria Tsakanika, in collaboration with the architect Timos Kuimtzoglou, at the request of the Holy Metropolis of Thebes and Levadea. The will of the Ministry of Culture, the Metropolis as well as the Monastery is the restoration of the entire wing of the monastery complex, in order to accommodate the Monastery Library.

The Ephorate of Antiquities of Viotia is proceeding with the completion of the cleaning of the south-eastern wing from the remains of the fire. At the same time, the Directorate for the Restoration of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Monuments of the Ministry of Culture undertook -in cooperation with the designers- the preparation of the study of the support, bracing and placement of a roof in the two-storey cell, followed by the consequent works for the protection of the remaining shell, but mainly for the safety of the designers, who must enter the building in order to complete the necessary studies.

The Ephorate of Antiquities of Viotia undertook the preparation of a geotechnical and geophysical study, so that the data for the completion of all the studies, as well as measures to stabilize the slopes of the surrounding area can be obtained. Also, the completion of the study of the lightning protection of the entire monastery complex is proceeding following the directions given by the Central Archaeological Council KAS, during the examination of the preliminary study at its recent meeting.

At the same time, in the context of fire prevention and protection of the Monastery, which belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage List, the relevant study for the installation of modern fire detection and fire extinguishing systems is being completed, The project is being implemented under a memorandum of cooperation between the Ministries of Culture and Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, with the cooperation of the Viotia Ephorate of Antiquities, the central services of the Ministry of Culture and the Headquarters of the Fire Service. A prerequisite for the implementation of the study is the investigation of the increase in the power of the water supply of the monastery, which is the responsibility of the relevant municipality. The relevant study is in progress.

The issue of universal accessibility of the Monastery to disabled and generally handicapped persons was examined at a recent meeting of the KAS. The completion of the final design is progressing taking into account the comments of the Council. In order to avoid any alteration of the landscape, the use of mechanical means was preferred, as well as a mild improvement of the cobblestone pavement to allow for wheelchair access.

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