The inauguration of the restored building and the re-exhibition of the Archaeological Museum was held by the Minister of Culture, Lina Mendoni, during her two-day official visit to Samothrace.

The island, in the northeastern Aegean Sea, attracted the interest of archaeologists and researchers early on, due to the historical and archaeological importance of the Sanctuary of the Great Gods. The museum, designed by the American St. Shaw, in the context of the archaeological research of the members of the American School of Classical Studies in Greece, was inaugurated in 1955 by Georgios Rallis, and was the first archaeological museum in Thrace.

Lina Mendoni referred to the new projects, which the Ministry of Culture has planned for Samothrace: The completion of the studies and the implementation of the project for the further shielding of the archaeological site of the Sanctuary of the Great Gods from the intense flooding phenomena of climate change, which affect the area, in addition to the flood control works that concern the Region and the relevant Ministries, as well as the studies for the restoration of the adjacent, to the Museum, building of the old Xenia, to be converted into a shop and refreshment room of the Organization for the Development and Management of Cultural Resources.

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