An open-air timeless museum is being formed in the heart of the Medieval City of Rhodes, in the context of the project of highlighting and shaping the archaeological site of “Pervola“, which surrounds the ancient neoria and the medieval gardens of the Palace of the Grand Master.

As the Minister of Culture Lina Mendoni said, “Pervola is a very important archaeological site, in direct contact with the gardens of the Palace of the Grand Master, which preserves archaeological remains of millennia. To date, the site has remained undeveloped and unvisited. It is the only monument in which the ancient town plan of the city of Rhodes is visible and which preserves, to a large extent, its building material. It is the remains of the ancient neoria and the Pompeian street with the monumental Tetrapylon. The promotion of this monumental ensemble and its functional connection with the gardens of the Palace of the Grand Master, which extend on different platforms, creating an open-air timeless museum, covering an area of approximately 18 acres, is a visionary goal of the Ministry of Culture, which we are implementing on the basis of an integrated plan for the promotion of the Medieval City of Rhodes. In 2021, we examined the framework for the development and enhancement of this archaeological site and proceeded to prepare a comprehensive Strategic Plan. On the basis of this approved Plan, all the necessary studies are being carried out so that the archaeological site of “Pervola”, included in the UNESCO zone, and the ancient building remains of the neoria are connected to the medieval gardens of Castello, creating a single timeless historical monumental core in the Medieval City. Our constant aim is the further protection and utilization of its cultural heritage and its promotion in its historical timelessness. The project, through gentle interventions, highlights the archaeological and historical significance of the site, protects the individual monuments and enhances its visibility. Accessibility is improved by linking the different levels, creating a new timeless archaeological destination for touring, walking and recreation, with a local and trans-local character.”

A part of “Pervola”, namely the “Governor’s Gardens” will be given to the Rhodians and the thousands of visitors of the island, on Tuesday, June 4, by the Minister of Culture Lina Mendoni.

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