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The Ministry of Culture and Sports announces the inclusion of artisanal fishing in the National Park of Missolonghi-Aitoliko Lagoon in the National Index of Intangible Cultural Heritage. The initiative began by the Missolonghi-Akarnanian Mountains Lagoon Management Body in cooperation with the Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Man, the Department of Animal Production, Fishing and Aquaculture at the University of Patras and a team of scientific collaborators.

Lina Mendoni, Minister of Culture and Sports, said: “Artisanal fishing is a traditional practice in the National Park of the Missolonghi-Aitoliko Lagoon, reflecting the creativity of the local population and the sustainable use of natural resources. […] We ought to record it and preserve it […] I thank Spilios Livanos, Minister of Agricultural Development and Food, for our cooperation to safeguard this valuable element of culture”.

Spilios Livanos, Minister of Agricultural Development and Food, said: “Artisanal fishing in the Missolonghi Lagoon is a part of our history and our life. […] This decision links the past with the present and the future of our civilization. […] I want to thank Minister of Culture Lina Mendoni for the warm support and efficient promotion of our work. I also congratulate everyone who contributed”.

The lagoon is a rich organism with flora and fauna, home to 290 species of birds and more than 100 species of plants. There are also 14 aquaculture facilities, 8 traditional and 6 modern ones, where the lagoon connects with the sea. The location of the fishing traps has not changed since 1826, and more than 700 fishers are employed here.