The excavations that are in progress at the top of Papoura Hill yielded a monumental architectural ensemble, in a circular shape, unique for Minoan archaeology It is located at the highest point of the hill, in a part of the top that had been expropriated for the placement of Surveillance Systems (radar) of the new airport.

At the conclusion of the autopsy, the Minister of Culture said, inter alia, the following: “This is a unique find of great interest. This unique find is of great interest. We all understand the importance and value of cultural heritage. We all understand the developmental magnitude of this particular project, which is taking place in Kastelli. The new airport project can go ahead and the antiquities can be protected, as they should be.”

As at this stage the excavation is still in progress, it is not possible at present to determine the original form or the total height of the structure. This is the first monument of this type to have been identified and excavated in Crete. Its size, architectural structure and elaborate construction implies considerable work, specialised experience and a strong central administration, which organised its construction. What is certain is that this is a community building of some kind – a landmark for the wider region of Pedialis. The fact that the structure is monumental and prominent probably indicates the importance of the location and the range of the population it would have served.

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