Procedures are underway for the construction of a new Archaeological Museum in Lefkada, on a site granted by the Ministry of Finance to the Ministry of Culture and Sports, following the approval of the building program, prepared by the competent services of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. The new archaeological museum will house the archaeological treasures of the island from the Middle Paleolithic era until 1864, when Lefkada was incorporated with the Greek state.

As the Minister of Culture and Sports Lina Mendoni stated “museums are not only places of exhibition of treasures that come to light from the unique cultural reserve of each region of our homeland. They are places of education and entertainment, places of study and promotion of our history, but also self-knowledge for locals and knowledge for their visitors. They are, at the same time, pockets of social cohesion, but also determinants of development for each region. Lefkada, an island with significant monumental wealth, but today it is poorly highlighted, acquires a new archaeological museum, with a modern museum concept, open and accessible not only to experts but also to society. Our goal, within the framework of our museum policy, is both the creation of new museums, where necessary, and the upgrading of the existing ones, so that with each new one, added to the large chain of our museums, the special cultural character of each place is promoted and the development potential created by the operation of cultural spaces is exploited. A dream of many years of the local community, but also of the competent Ephorate of Antiquities is now on the rails for its realization”.

Taking into account the modern museum requirements, the building program of the New Museum is developed in a total area of 2,460 sq.m. and is structured in areas of the permanent exhibition, a Hall of periodic exhibitions and multipurpose, a Hall of multimedia and interactive applications, a Hall of educational programs, a reception area, Antiquities warehouses, conservation workshops, library-archive, Refreshment Room, public service areas and other auxiliary areas. In the courtyard there is an open-air exhibition of stone architectural members, which today are kept in warehouses.

The plot area 3,812 sq.m. it was granted by the Ministry of Finance to the Ministry of Culture and sports for the construction of the New Archaeological Museum of Lefkada, while changing the land use of the plot to “facilities of cultural functions – Archaeological Museum”. This plot is located within the urban planning of the city of Lefkada, near the Intercity Bus Station-KTEL, the Administrative Center and the Marina.

The Archaeological Museum of Lefkada is housed today in a wing of the building of the Cultural Center of the municipality of Lefkada, in a limited space. The creation of a modern museum with a timeless character will contribute to a more complete supervision of the history of Lefkada and the surrounding islands over time. The Archaeological Museum today consists of four rooms and a small office space (Total Museum area of 300 sq.m.), while it has a very small shop next to the ticket office. Due to the limited size of the museum, only a small number of representative specimens from the archaeological wealth of the island are housed in its showcases.

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