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The Ministry of Culture and Sports prepares the programme “All Greece one Culture 2022” dedicated to the anniversary of the Asia Minor Catastrophe, highlighting the memory and identity of the refugee communities with grants for Secondary Refugee Associations and the Federations of Refugee Associations and Unions.

Themes will include the following:

  • Documentation of communities settled in Greece (archival research, oral testimonies, ethnographic cinema)
  • Highlighting of intangible cultural heritage of refugee communities in Greece (customs, gastronomy, music and dance etc.)
  • Digitalization of photographic archives and museum collections
  • Publications
  • Educational programmes
  • Conferences and events
  • Activities to promote the contribution of Asia Minor and Northern and Eastern Thrace to sports in Greece


Submissions for the programme will be evaluated by a Special Committee of the Ministry through the website which will be open from 17 January to 17 February 2022 to non-profit organizations registered with the Ministry, each having the right to one submission related to Music, Theatre, Dance, Musical Theatre, art/performance, activities for children and teenagers. Selected organizations will have a contract with the National Opera and will retain copyrights for further productions. Final results will be announced on 31 March 2022.

Submissions will have to fall under the following cost categories, for the whole production, for two showings in venues specified by the Special Selection Committee.

–     15,000€ plus VAT for 40 productions

–     30,000€ plus VAT for 20 productions

–     60,000€ plus VAT for 10 productions

Total: 70 productions, with a total budget of 1,800,000€ plus VAT.

Regarding registration, those interested can contact the Directorate of Cultural Activities at the Ministry ([email protected]) to acquire guidelines for submission ( and (

*the photo that accompanies the text is from the Historical Archive of Refugee Hellenism.