The Archaeological Museum of Alexandroupolis was inaugurated by the Minister of Culture and Sports Lina Mendoni, handing over to the society of the Regional Unit of Evros and its visitors an emblematic museum, whose exhibits demonstrate the historical timelessness of Thrace.  In its permanent exhibition, findings brought to light by archaeological excavation from all over Thrace are exhibited and tell the history of the region, from prehistoric to Roman times. More than 1000 ancient artefacts, clay, glass, bronze and silver vessels, coins, sculptures and funerary stelae, weapons, elaborate jewellery, figurines, tools and objects of everyday use, cover a long period, from the 6th pre-Christian millennium to the 4th century AD. The presentation of the exhibits is accompanied by video projections and digital multimedia applications.

In her address, Lina Mendoni said: “Today we are handing over to the city the Archaeological Museum of Alexandroupolis, an emblematic landmark that will showcase and teach the history and culture of the Regional Unit of Evros. Our policy, which we set out in the Ministry of Culture, as early as the beginning of 2000, was that each prefectural capital should have its own archaeological museum: A place of culture, education, entertainment, social gathering and, at the same time, a development tool for each region. The establishment and operation of the Archaeological Museum in Alexandroupolis was a demand of the local community since the 1970s. Today, after almost fifty years, it is becoming a reality. The building, with a total construction area of 2000 square meters and a budget of six million euros, was completed in 2016. The Museum’s permanent exhibition, with a budget of 2,885,268 euros, was funded by the Operational Programme “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship, Innovation 2014-2020″. Our excellent cooperation with the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace creates cultural projects that highlight our cultural heritage and promote our identity. At the same time, we create poles of attraction, nuclei of development, so that these projects are rewarding to the local, regional and national economy. This emblematic museum will perform its purpose perfectly when the local community embraces it, loves it, considers it part of its social life.

By learning our history and past, we arm ourselves in the present, creating a promising and systematically planned future.”

Present at the inauguration were the Secretary General of Culture George Didaskalou, the Regional Governor of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Christos Metios, the Deputy Regional Governor Dimitris Petrovits, the MPs of Evros Tasos Dimoshakis and Stavros Keletsi, the Mayor of Alexandroupolis Yannis Zamboukis, the Bishops of Alexandroupolis Mr. Anthimos and Didymoteichos, Orestiada and Soufli Mr. Damaskinos and the Mufti of Didymoteichos Mr. Hamza

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