Title: YMCA 100 years of life and action (1921-2021)

Author:Anthology (Authors in order of appearance in the volume: Konstantinos Diogos, Konstantinos N. Plastiras, Kimon Demetriou, Manolis Andreadakis, Parthenopi Vergou, Eleni Athanasiadou)

Year: 2023

Publishing House: University Studio Press

Subject: Religion

Pages: 326

Technical Features: 30 x 24 cm.

Anniversary publication on the occasion of the celebration of the centenary of the founding of Thessaloniki’s YMCA, describing its activity in the city of Thessaloniki and the rest of Greece from the years of the First World War until today.
The YMCA Thessaloniki (2 September 1921) is intertwined with the history of the city, its people and especially its young people.
As an association, it became one of the most important institutions and was destined to play a leading role in the social, sporting and cultural life of Northern Greece, while at the same time, its work is linked to volunteerism, the need for solidarity, cooperation and coexistence. True to its principles and with respect to equality and diversity, it always serves the good, constantly feeding society with active citizens, citizens with a conscience and values.
In the pages of the volume the reader will follow the course of YMCA divided into seven chapters. These describe the beginnings, the period from its foundation until 1940, the difficult years of the Occupation, its reconstitution (1945), the turbulent years (1967-1974), the period of reconstruction (1975-1999), and finally its course in the 21st century. The publication is accompanied by a wealth of rare photographic material.
Authors in order of appearance in the volume:
Konstantinos Diogos
Konstantinos Ν. Plastiras
Kimon Demetriou
Manolis Andreadakis
Parthenopi Vergou
Eleni Athanasiadou

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