Title :The temporal diversity of the fauna of Greece 

Author: Konstantinos Sidiropoulos

Date: 2023

Papazisis Publications 

Subject: History / Biology

Pages: 456

Although in modern times the study of the Greek fauna is a systematic process, the same was not the case in antiquity. Only in the 5th century BC the recording of information about the fauna begins timidly, emphasizing of course the relationship between animals and humans and mythological elements. Exceptions may be Aristotle and Plinius who approach the study of fauna in a more scientific way.

Konstantinos Sidiropoulos studied the writings of ancient and modern authors in order to collect and record as much information as possible about the Greek fauna and its variation throughout history. Through the records, the changing relationship of people with animals and nature, their habits and activities are highlighted. The consistently high richness of fauna in our country until modern times is also highlighted.

With his knowledge of Zoology and Marine Biology, Konstantinos Sidiropoulos is engaged in a mainly theoretical-historical work that originally constituted his doctoral thesis. In the current context, with the environmental crisis that is now visibly affecting the Southeastern Mediterranean and our country, the publication The intertemporal diversification of the fauna of Greece is extremely relevant.

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