Contributing to the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the publication of the iconic work of European modernism Ulysses, EATT undertook the implementation of a digital product linked to the recent reissue of the initiation works on Joyce’s work by Aris Marangopoulos, the foremost “reader” of the discerning Irish author, whose archive is held by EATT. A sample of the project Ulysses: A Virtual Reality Experience, which is currently in progress (with a delivery deadline of the end of the year and with the participation of our former student Mr. Thanos Makris and Mr. Ioannis Messini, member of the H.E.D. of the Department of Philology), will be presented in Athens in the context of the international Bloom’s Day (16 June), in the garden of the Archaeological Museum (7:00). When the project is completed, it will be presented in Patras.

You can see the invitation here:

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