Title: “The Glorious Athens is under building”, the birth of a capital”. 

Date of publication: 2024

Publisher: General Archives of the State

Subject: History, Exhibition catalogue

Pages: 144

Luxurious catalogue of the exhibition “The Glorious Athens is under building”, the birth of a capital” that is organized by the General State Archives at the central building.

The occasion for the exhibition is the 190th anniversary of the decree of 18/30 September 1834 that anointed Athens “Royal Seat and Capital”. The catalogue follows the presentation structure of the exhibition: “Athens: Royal Seat and Capital’, ‘Royal Palace’, ‘Public Buildings’, ‘Streets – squares – fountains’, ‘Public Works and Infrastructure’, ‘Antiquities’, ‘The Olympic Games and Cultural Life in Athens’, ‘Commercial and Artisanal Production in Athens’.

The catalogue contains texts by Minister Kyriakos Pierrakakis, Deputy Director General of the GSA Amalia Pappa, History Professor Dimitris Sotiropoulos, art historian Marilena Kasimatis, GSA Archivist Anna Koulouridis, as well as rich photographic material from the collection of the GSA.

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