The creation of the Aegean sea, from poetry to geoscience

Spyros Pavlidis



Date of publication:


Pages: 334

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Dialogue with the environment: Earth of the Aegean “every day all the senses in tension, seek the coming of the earthly change. They enter the funnel of space and time, the secrets of earth and man. They bind themselves with perpetual transformation and leave their footprints as a legacy to others. One civilization succeeds another’, according to M. Glezos. ‘A landscape is not, as some people understand it, a mere set of land, plants, and waters’, it is ‘the projection of the soul of a people on the matter’, according to Elytis. “The natural elements, the rocks, the trees, the seas, burning under the same sun and inhabited by the same supernatural forces.”

Earth and the creation of a place, … a people’s dialogue with the environment. . is the subject of this book.  “My foundations in the mountains …”, the creation of the Greek territory, a geological approach, from the pain of Xenophanes Kolofonios’ mind, the creation of the mountains and the sea, the geological faults with earthquakes and volcanoes, to Odysses Elytis’ “AXION ESTI”, which surrounds them with poetry.  “…There are two different ways of observing nature…”. We proceed “with calculation and with a dream” and through this dialogue, poet and philosopher (Geoscientist) approach the truth, seek it, without hiding the agony of this search”.   A debt must weigh on every accomplished scientist. More than ever before today, in the age of knowledge and information, today’s scientist now needs to reflect on his or her discipline, but also beyond it, on the new ideas arising from his or her science, on old and new problems that occupy human thought. It is very important to give the world the opportunity to gain experience from the efforts of scientific research.