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Presentation of the book The Asia Minor Catastrophe: 50 questions and answers Euripides Bookshops and Pataki Publications invite you to on Monday 16 May at 19:00

Evripides in Kifissia on Monday 16th of February, 16th of February at the presentation of the book

The Asia Minor Catastrophe: 50 questions and answers

The authors of the book will speak

Angelos Syrigos, Deputy Minister of Education, former professor of Panteion University

Evanthis Hadjivassiliou, Professor of Greek Studies

A few words about the book

In 1922, the greatest catastrophe suffered by Hellenism occurred. For the first time in 3,000 years, Greek civilization ceased to develop on one of the two coasts that gave birth to it.

Through 50 questions and answers, it is examined with sobriety: – a major national and international conflict – the outbreak of the National Schism – the aims and major dilemmas of the protagonists – our shortcomings and mistakes – myths, misconceptions and oversimplifications – the attitude of the great powers, the claims of the Turkish side and the methods it chose to achieve them from 1914 to 1922 – the consequences of the Asia Minor Catastrophe.

The conclusions, especially those that we do not like, are the least honour that can be paid to the memory of those who perished then, our own lost people.