Title: Textualising the Experience – Digitalising the Text: Cyprus through Travel Literature (15th-18th Centuries)

Edited by: Julia Chatzipanagioti-Sangmeister, Mary Roussou-Sinclair, Spyridon Tzounakas Language: English, with Greek summaries

Dimensions: 24.5 x 17.5 cm,

Pages: 255

Published by AdVenture SA

The aim of the 4th International Conference of the Sylvia Ioannou Foundation, which was ‘held in collaboration with the University of Cyprus (Nicosia 2019), was to encourage the interdisciplinary study of travel literature on the Eastern Mediterranean, with an emphasis on Cyprus, and to promote the use of digital tools and resources in humanities research.

Researchers and scholars approached travel writing as a genre, as evidence of perceptions of the Other, as a means of representing space, as a testimonial of cultural exchange and as a historical source.

The publication Textualising the Experience – Digitalising the Text: Cyprus through TravelLiterature (15th-18th Centuries) features select papers presented at the conference and consists of 15 essays in three parts (‘Zefyros’, ‘Travellers and Travel Literature’, ‘Representations of Space and People’). Using as their basis an innovative scientific methodology for travel literature, which was implemented in the framework of the Zefyros research programme, the scientists who participated in the conference considered issues regarding Cyprus drawn from a corpus of 125 travel texts dating from the 15th to the 18th centuries.

The conference and its papers reveal the varied skein of interest which travel literature continues to hold for us. The potential for new approaches is also revealed, even though four decades of intensive research and writing on that literary genre have already gone by.


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