The Summer Reading and Creativity Campaign of the National Library of Greece returns! This summer, young library friends will learn about the books of the grown-ups, their readings, the value of friendship, and travel to different parts of the country through literary narratives and characters that have influenced generations of readers. And all this through the works of two beloved authors, Alki Zei and Georges Sari.

KE2023, entitled “100 exactly! Treasures of Alkis and Georges…”, will start on 16/6 and will end on 9/9. The activities are linked to works by the two authors and lead to creative and playful activities based on themes such as history, slogans, travels, summer meetings, etc. that will be implemented in the library or its surroundings.

For us, Alkie and Georges are inseparable. Two parallel lives, two parallel paths, a lifelong relationship as recorded in dozens of books. Books that are a cultural treasure for our country’s libraries will be highlighted through the new Summer Reading and Creativity Campaign.

This year, KE2023 also includes the section “The Radio of KE” with interviews of people who met the two authors and share important moments they lived with them. Finally, the recorded readings will take readers to the nearest library and everyone will be able to listen to them at any time simply by scanning a QR code.

The Summer Reading and Creativity Campaign 2023 is organized by the National Library of Greece and is being implemented thanks to the close cooperation between the National Library of Greece and the National Library of Greece, namely the Laboratory of Pedagogical Applications and Production of Educational Materials, the Department of Primary Education and its Director, Professor Konstantinos D. Malafantis.

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