The Ministry of Culture announces the shortlists of the 2023 State Literary Awards (for the 2022 releases), in application of the legislation governing the institution of the State Literary Awards (Law 3905/2010 -Article 40).

These are the shortlists arrived at by the three competent Committees: a) the State Literature Prize Committee, b) the State Children’s Book Prize Committee and c) the State Literary Translation Prize Committee.

The shortlists are accompanied by a reasoned report of each Committee, in which the trends in literary production are examined, the level of literary works of the period under review (publishing year 2022) is assessed and in which the reasoned opinion of each Committee as a whole and of each of its members is stated.

Α) The Shortlists for the 2023 State Literature Awards (Novel Prize, Short StoryPrize and Poetry Prize), the 2023 State Essay – Testimonial Prizes (Essay-Criticism Prize and Testimonial-Biography-Chronicle-Travel Literature Prize) and the 2023 State Prize for a Promising Author, are as follows:

Shortlist for the State Novel Prize 2023

  1. Rea Galanaki, Emmanuel and Catherine. The fairy tales that are not fairy tales, Kastaniotis Publications
  2. Apostolos Doxiadis, The phone call that did not happen, Ikaros Publications
  3. Yannis Karkanevatos, Father did not talk about them, Hestia Bookstore Publications
  4. Ismene Karyotaki, I was not a fugitive, Potamos Publications
  5. Spyros Kiosses, The first rain, Metaixmio publications
  6. Nikos Α. Mantis, Cithaeron, Kastaniotis Publications
  7. Tessy Baila, Call Me Ismael, Psychogios Publications
  8. Alexis Panselinos, Oil on canvas, Metaixmio publications


Short List for the State Prize for Short Story 2023

  1. Theodoros Grigoriadis, The nostalgia of loss, Patakis Publications
  2. Vangelis Koutsourakis, The tree, Indiktos Publications
  3. Michalis Makropoulos, Stories from a past future, Kichli Publications
  4. Kostas Barbatsis, ‘Likochavia’ and other stories, Kedros Publications
  5. Pantelis Boukalas, Christ in the snow. Seven Nights in the World of Andrey Tarkovsky, Agra Publications
  6. Andreas Nikolakopoulos, ‘Saltos‘, Ikaros Publications
  7. Melissa Stoili, You may be leaving jumping off the balcony, Kichli Publications
  8. Niki Trullinou, Democracy of Dreams, Potamos Publications
  9. Vangelis Hatzigiannidis, Your name, To Rodakio publications


Shortlist for the State Poetry Prize 2023

  1. Dimitris Angelis, It always rains on the dog’s head, Polis Publications
  2. Zefi Daraki, Invisible Maria, Ypsilon Publications/Books
  3. Nikos Erinakis, We are still being baptized, Keimena Publications
  4. Stavros Zafeiriou, Green sky, blue grass, Nefeli Publications
  5. Dionysis Kapsalis, The Waterfall, Agra Publications
  6. Yannis Metaxas, Skylights, Ikaros Publications
  7. Eva Modinou, Asia Minor. The circle of hours, Govostis Publications
  8. Dimitris Petrou, Twentieth World, Polis Publications
  9. Stamatis Polenakis, Birds in the night, Enypnion Publications
  10. Antonis D. Skiathas, Architecture of Silence, AΩ Publications
  11. Kyriakos Charalambidis, The Night of the Gardens, Ikaros Publications


Short List for the State Prize for Essay – Criticism 2023

  1. Venetia Apostolidou, Literature at the University. The constitution of the science of Modern Greek Philology (1942-1982), Polis Publications
  2. Polymeris Voglis, Dynamic resistance. Subjectivity, political violence and the anti-dictatorial struggle 1967-1974, Alexandria Publications
  3. Glafki Gotsi, Women’s Views in Art (1850-1900), Nisides Publications
  4. Vassilis Karapostolis, The pulse of the world. Love struggles in our time, Patakis Publications
  5. Manolis Koumas, Decade of wars. Dilemmas of Greek diplomacy, 1940-1949, Papadopoulos Publications
  6. Katerina Kostiou, ‘…ως όνομα ψιλόν’. The constitution and function of the mask in the poetry of C.P. Cavafy, Nefeli Publications
  7. Christos Loukos, Ermoupolis of Syros (1821-1950). From Liverpool of the Eastern Mediterranean to the cotton town of the Cyclades, Crete University Press
  8. Konstantina Ritsatou, Dimitrios Gr. Kambouroglou and the Greek theatre. In the Footsteps of History and Tradition, Crete University Press
  9. Eri Stavropoulou, Modern Greek Poetry and 1821. Dialogue with History, publications of the National Research Foundation / Institute of Historical Research
  10. Steriani Tsintziloni, Under the Shadow of the Parthenon. Dancing at the Athens Festival during the Cold War period (1955-1966), Kappa Publications
  11. Elli Filocyprou, Birds sleep in the stones. The poetic landscape of Yannis Ritsos, Nefeli Publications

Shortlist for the State Prize for Testimony – Biography – Chronicle – Travel Literature 2023

  1. George I. Allamanis, In the time of “Lillipoupolis”. The biography of a radio broadcast, Topos publications
  2. Nikos Vatopoulos, A child growing up in Athens, 1934-1944, Metaixmio Publications
  3. Kostis A. Liontis, A few things about Nikos Kastanakis, (Cartoonist – Sketch Artist – Graphic Artist), Odos Panos Publications
  4. Christos Lukos, Ioannis Kapodistrias. An attempt at historical biography, published by the National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation
  5. Nikolas Manitakis, The French Institute of Athens (1915-1961). The sustainability of Greek-French cultural relations, Asini Publications
  6. Vangelis Nikopoulos, Grevena. City of toil, 1904-1993. Testimonies, independent publication
  7. Spyros Papaioannou – Kostas Vlisidis, The horrible mosque of sin (Part A: The brothel of Vourla, Drapetsona through written sources, Part B: Tracing Vourla, Drapetsona), publication of the Institute for the Study of Local History and Business History
  8. Ioanna Petropoulou, Ellie Papadimitriou: a woman of the 20th century. The rule and the violation, Hermes Publications.
  1. Achilleas Sirmos, Stories from Spatz, Indictus Publications
  1. Iris Tzahili, A German stamp collection, Metaixmio Publications



Shortlist for the State Prize for a Promising Author

  1. Aris Alexandris, How Ignatius Karatheodoris lost everything, Metaixmio Publications (A novel)
  2. Spyros Vgenis, The Age of the Moose, Antipodes Publications (Short Fiction)
  3. Alexandros Diamantis, Off we go!, Kastaniotis Publications (Short Fiction)
  4. Haris Kalaitzidis, War Machine, Hestia Bookshop Publications (A novel)
  5. Katerina Koliopoulou, meanwhile, Enypnio Publications (Poetry)
  6. Malamati Maria Petridou, The seas in winter, Saikspirikon Publications (Poetry)
  7. tria epsilon, I know those who knit in the middle of the sea, Thraka Publications (Poetry)


The composition of the nine-member Committee, responsible for the annual Literature Awards, the Grand Prize for Literature, the Emerging Author Award, the Special Thematic Award and the Essay-Testimony Awards, is as follows (Government Gazette 447/YODD/12.5.2023):

  1. Evripidis Garantoudis, Professor of Modern Greek Philology at the Department of Philology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Member of the Board of Directors of the University of Athens), President
  2. Andreas Mitsou, Author, Vice President
  3. Lito Ioakimidou, Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature at the Department of Philology (Department of Modern Greek Literature), National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Member of the Board of Directors of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens), Member
  4. Eleni Koutrianou, Professor of Modern Greek Literature: Theory of Literature – Comparative Literature at the Department of Philology of the University of Peloponnese (Member of the Board of Directors of the University of Peloponnese), Member
  5. Kalliopi (Popi) Aroniada, Author, Member
  6. Elias Kafaoglou, Author, Member
  7. Georgios Rouskas, Critic, Member
  8. Konstantina (Dina) Sarakinou, Critic, Member
  9. Stavros Stamboglis, Critic, Member


B) The shortlists for the 2023 State Children’s Book Awards (Children’s Literary Book Award, Teenage/Young Adult Literary Book Award, Illustrated Children’s Book Award and Children’s Education Book Award) are as follows:

Shortlist for the State Prize for Children’s Literary Book

  1. Marietta Kontou text, Katerina Veroutsou illustration: Erato, ed. Ellinoekdotiki
  2. Lili Lambrelli text, Katerina Veroutsou illustration: The passage. Aivali-Mytilene, 1922, ed. Patakis
  3. Despina Bogdani – Sougioul text, Petros Bouloubasis illustration: My grandfather the giant, ed. Hydroplano
  4. Alexandra Mitsiali text, Thenda Mimilaki illustration: The scarf with the roses, ed. Patakis
  5. Stavroula Pagona text, Katerina Siskopoulou illustration: ‘Polychromo‘, ed. Psychogios
  6. Kyriakos Haritos text, Daniela Stamatyadi illustration: Imagine!, pub. Metaixmio


Shortlist for the State Prize for Teenage Literature

  1. Maria Angelidou text, Katerina Veroutsou illustration: A game with rules, ed. Metaixmio
  2. Thodoris Koukias: Square waves, flying jellyfish, ed. Kedros
  3. Polychronis Koutsakis: Fire, ed. Kastaniotis
  4. Vera Pratikakis: Let me go, I know what I’m doing, ed. Psychogios
  5. Vissaria Zorba – Rammopoulou: Ubayda, the caravan of souls, ed. Patakis

Shortlist for the State Prize for Illustrated Children’s Books

  1. Konstantina Armeniakou text, Zafouko Yamamoto illustration: If I lose you, little elephant…, ed. Minoas
  2. Maria Giannou text, Daniela Stamatiadis illustration: I have a good Papua grandfather, Smili Publications
  3. Danae Daska text, Chryso Charalambous illustration: 1000 ways to squeeze a lemon, ed. Papadopoulos
  4. Maria Papagianni text, Iris Samartzi illustration: “Sto Pikefi“, ed. Patakis
  5. Thodoris Papaioannou text, Vassilis Selimas illustration: Νot a single note, ed. Ikaros
  6. Achilleas Razis text and illustrations: Is it a monster?,ed. Kaleidoscope
  7. Sakis Serefas text, Stella Stergiou illustration: The lying shepherd MITCH BOY and other stories, ed. Patakis

Shortlist for Children’s Education Book Award

  1. Konstantina Armeniakou text, Despina Manolaru illustration: The Knights of Freedom, ed. Metaixmio
  2. Maro Vassiliadou text, Thenda Mimilaki illustration: Eleftherios Venizelos. Following his steps throughout history, ed. Dioptra
  3. Iouliita Iliopoulou text & publication design: Elytis for children, ed. Ikaros
  4. Katerina Lagou text, Petroulla Kringu illustration: Ioannis K., The Chronicle of a Mystery, ed. Psychogios
  5. Mariza Decastro text, Hara Marantidou illustration: My own people, ed. Kaleidoscope
  6. Fotini Stefanidi text & illustrations: “Tzieri mu” 1922, ed. Kaleidoscope
  7. Konstantina Tasopoulou text, Emmanouela Kakavia illustration: The Plate, ed. Hydroplano

The composition of the competent nine-member State Children’s Book Prize Committee is as follows (Government Gazette 447/YODD/12.5.2023 and Government Gazette 1129/Y.O.D.D./19.10.2023):

  1. Dimitrios Politis, Professor of the Department of Educational Sciences and Early Childhood Education of the University of Patras, President
  2. Anastasia Economidou, former Professor of the Department of Early Childhood Education at the Democritus University of Thrace, Critic of children’s literature, Vice President
  3. Vasiliki Vassiloudi, Assistant Professor of Children’s Literature at the Department of Primary Education of the University of Crete, Member
  4. Melpomene (Meni) Kanatsouli, Professor of the Department of Early Childhood Education and Learning Sciences of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Member
  5. Dimitrios Goulis, Assistant Professor of Children’s Literature at the Department of Primary Education, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Member
  6. Alexandros Akritopoulos, former Professor of Greek Literature with emphasis on children’s literature at the Department of Primary Education of the University of Western Macedonia, Florina, Author, Member
  7. Ioanna Bakirtzi (literary pseudonym Ioanna Babeta), Author, Member
  8. Efstathia (Teti) Solou, Illustrator, Member
  9. Alexandra (Sandra) Eleftheriou, Illustrator, Member


C) The Short Lists for the 2023 State Literary Translation Prizes (State Prize for the Translation of a Work of Foreign Literature into Greek, State Prize for the Translation of a Work of Ancient Greek Literature into Modern Greek and State Prize for the Translation of a Work of Greek Language into a Foreign Language) are as follows:


Shortlist for the State Prize for the Translation of Foreign Literature into Greek

  1. Anthony Doerr, Cloud Cuckoo Land, Patakis Publications, translated by Myrto Kalofolia
  2. Rainer Maria Rilke, The Duino Elegies, Armos Publications, translated by Thanasis Lamprou
  3. Georgi Gospodinov, Time Shelter, Ikaros Publications, translated by Avgi Lilly
  4. Mika Waltari, Nuori Johannes, Kalenti Publications, translated by Μaria Martzoukou
  5. Handke Peter,Versuch über den Pilznarren: Eine Geschichte für sich, Hestia Bookstore Publications, translated by Spyros Moskovou
  6. Irene Solà, When I Sing,Mountains Dance, Ikaros Publications, translated by Maria Paleologoy
  7. Mikhail Bakhtin, Forms of time and chronotope in the novel: tests for a historical poetics, Crete University Press, translated by Yorgos Pinakoulas
  8. Bonaventura, The Nightwatches, Agra Publications, translated by Alexandra Rasidaki
  9. Jon Fosse, The Other name, Gutenberg Publications, translated by Sotiris Souliotis
  10. Jaume Cabré, Consumits pel foc, Polis Publications, translated by Evriviadis Sofos

Short List of the State Prize for the Translation of ancient Greek literature into modern Greek

  1. Plato, The Apology of Socrates and the Trial, Gutenberg Publications, translated by StantisR. Apostolidis
  1. Plato, Parmenides, Stigmi Publications, translated by Pavlos Kalligas
  2. Aeschylus/Sophocles/Euripides, Three versions of Electra: Aeschylus’ The Suppliants, Sophocles’ Electra, Euripides’ Electra, Patakis Publications, translated by Dimitris Kalokyris
  3. Herodas, Mimiambs, Kichli Publications, translated by Theodoros K. Stephanopoulos
  4. Plato, Statesman, Papazisis Publications, translated by Konstantinos Stefu


Shortlist for the State Prize for the Translation of Greek Literature into a Foreign Language

  1. Greek folk songs, Aiora Publications, translated by Joshua Barley
  2. K.P. Kavafis, Drieëndertig gedichten, Aiora Publications, translated by Hero Hokwerda
  3. Christoforos Milionis, Kalamás et Achéron, L’Harmattan Publications, translated by Jean-Marc Laborie
  4. Konstantinos Kavafis, Valitut runot, Aiora Publications, translated by Riikka P. Pulkkinen
  5. Aurinkokello: Nykykreikkalaisia runoja, Enostone Kustannus Publications, translated by Riikka P. Pulkkinen


The composition of the competent nine-member State Literary Translation Prize Committee (Government Gazette/Y.O.D.D./447/12-5-2023, Government Gazette 1269/Y.O.D.D/23-11-2023, Government Gazette 58/YODD/26.1.2024) is as follows:

  1. Ioannis Dim. Tsolkas, Professor of History of Italian Literature and European Civilization at the Department of Italian Language and Literature of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, (Member of the Board of Directors of universities of higher education in the field of Greek history, society or politics), President
  2. Vassilios Sabatakakis, Associate Professor of Modern Greek Studies at Lund University (Sweden), President of the European Society of Modern Greek Studies, Modernist, Vice President
  3. Rubini Demopoulou, Permanent Assistant Professor of Medieval and Renaissance Latin Literature at the Department of Classical Literature, Faculty of Philosophy, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Member of the Faculty of Philosophy of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens), Member
  4. Dimitrios Filias, Professor of Literary Translation at the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpretation of the Ionian University (Member of the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation of the Ionian University), Member
  5. Konstantinos Bouras, Critic, Member
  6. Kleanthi-Ismeni (Klaiti) Sotiriadou, Translator, Member
  7. Vassilis Vassiliadis, Neohellenist, Member
  8. Anna Afentoulidou, Critic, Member
  9. Ioanna-Anna Meitani, Translator, Member


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