Title: Marianna Lourba

Edited by-Texts by: Marianna Lourmpa, Iridanos D. Tsirigkoulis, Christophoros Marinos, Chrysanthi Koutsouraki

Year: 2024

Publishing House: ROMA GALLERY IKE

Subject: Art and Design

Pages: 71

On the occasion of Marianna Lourba’s solo exhibition, “Spring Equinox“, which will be held at ROMA GALLERY from March 21 to April 20, 2024, an accompanying catalogue-book in 500 copies was published. The simple yet elegant cover on Curious Matter Adiron Blue paper and the illustration of the works of the charismatic visual designer Marianna Lourba in Tatami White, make this book a valuable acquisition for the collector. The art design was done by Sophia Apostolopoulou and the photographs of the works are by Studio Vaharidis.

The art historian and curator Christoforos Marinos in the preface of the book reveals the relationship between Marianna Lourba’s art and “Greece of myth and experience” and highlights white as the dominant colour in each of her works. The important art historian concludes by stating that: “Marianna Lourba’s new exhibition signifies an important conquest for her, which is none other than the creation of her own glossary of forms. In our eyes, ‘Spring Equinox’ is a well-worked congruence of colours and materials, shapes and emotions.”

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