TEXT Nikos G. Mastropavlos
RESEARCH Marilen Frangoulis Kedros

On Wednesday June 8th at 7:30 pm at the Gennadius Library Gardens
the creators of the book discuss with journalists
Margarita Pournara and Katerina Lymperopoulou

Gennadius Library Gardens

61 Souidias Sreet, Kolonaki – Athens

A few words about the book:

Robert A. McCabe took his first photographs in 1939, at the age of five. During a trip to Europe in 1954, he took the first of his many iconic photographs of Greece. A visit to Kassos in 1965 was the reason for the largest number of photographs in this book. He has published more than 16 albums and has exhibited his work in many places in Greece, London, Paris, Brussels and many venues in the United States. His books deal with subjects and locations in Greece, France, Italy, New York, Havana, China and Antarctica. In August 1965, a young American photographer visits Kassos, with the mission to take a series of photographs to accompany the text of a book on the history of the island. These photographs, which eventually remained, except for a few, in a drawer until 2013, form the backbone of this book, accompanied by texts by two outstanding Cassians, Nikos Mastropavlou and Marilene Fragoulis Kedros.

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