Regional Cultural Policy. Taking a sustainable approach. Monograph.

Ioannis A. Andreou





Pages: 348

Dimensions: 29 x 21 cm.

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This Monograph attempts a different approach in terms of identifying the processes required for the design/implementation of a meaningful/reconstructive Regional Cultural Policy, through the application of innovative methods of Cultural Management with a sustainable and developmental orientation.

Specifically and on the basis of the following themes,

  • Formulation of a Model for the Design/Implementation of Regional Cultural Policy
  • Formulation of a Model for Planning/Implementation of Regional Cultural Development
  • Formulation of a Model for the Implementation of Regional Cultural Decentralisation
  • Establishment/formulation of an Institutional Body/framework for planning/implementation of Regional Cultural Policy
  • Participatory Design of Regional Cultural Policy.
  • Mapping (recording/processing/study) of Cultural Capital
  • Networking of Territorial Cultural Institutions
  • Mapping of elements of the cultural economy.
  • Application of innovative technologies/digital systems in culture
  • Promotion/exploitation – Territorial Festival Sector,

develops views and proposals aimed at highlighting new strategic axes, ways of reorganising and restructuring structures and renewing the tools that will contribute to its redefinition.

The aim is to analyse the basic principles that govern – or should govern – the design of a national cultural policy and to identify those elements and the corresponding actions that can make a cultural policy more effective and direct in relation to the needs of the citizen of modern society.

In this context and in accordance with the above-mentioned thematic axes:

  • “embracing” the whole field of regional cultural policy.
  • It proposes Models for the Design/Implementation of Regional Cultural Policy, Cultural Development and Cultural Decentralisation based on international practices and trends recorded.
  • Demonstrates institutional frameworks/procedures for the implementation of Regional Cultural Policy.
  • Addresses the topical issue of sustainable development in relation to Cultural Development
  • Focuses on the local community and its key role in linking cultural policy/management and sustainable development.
  • It analyses the importance and effectiveness of innovative cultural management institutions (networking).
  • It highlights the field of the Cultural Economy and the development potential inherent in its dynamics.
  • It documents and proposes the implementation of innovative digital applications for the promotion/promotion of the Cultural Asset.
  • It highlights the importance of Cultural Research (Cultural Capital Mapping) in the formulation of an informed Regional Cultural Policy.
  • It connects theory (theoretical framework and principles) with practice (examples of research), as well as international reality with the Greek one.

The views presented are the product of an experiential approach to the specific subject and in particular with regard to the live ‘scanning’ of the cultural environment/capital of the Region.

In this regard, the Regional Cultural Policy is the strategic direction of further development of the activity of the Department of Regional Policy, Festivals & Action Support / DPRD/EDPSP/YPPOA which I have been heading since 2011 and in this context, the present document develops views and proposals aimed at highlighting the new strategic axes, the ways of reorganization and restructuring of the structures as well as the renewal of the tools that will contribute to its redefinition.

Ioannis Andreou

Head of Division

Regional Policy, Festivals &

Actions Support

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