In Greece, the operation of Reading Clubs seems to be relatively recent as the first references, and indeed very sporadic, appear only from the 50s. Of course, in our country too, there would have been widespread discussion about books from previous decades, but this was limited to the closed circle of a group and indeed to the relatively small number of people who can read literature.

There are hundreds of Reading Clubs in our country. Libraries, bookstores, associations and even private individuals continue to set up reading clubs that promote valuable publications and cause people with common interests to come together. In fact, there are now several “specialized” clubs with specialized themes such as History, Philosophy, Poetry, or the highly popular Detective Literature.

The coordination is undertaken by people in the field of publishing and books. Their function is not limited to discussing the proposed books but also hosts book presentations, discussions with authors, translators, curators, seminars, etc.  Meetings are held at regular intervals and participation is free.

Unfortunately it is not possible to cover all the Reading Clubs operating in the country. However, the website went on to briefly present some of them.

The Library of the Hellenic Parliament continues for the operation of the Reading Club in the former Public Tobacco Factory on Lenorman Street. This year’s theme of faults and rifts concerns literary books and not only that perceive literature and the reading experience as projects of rifts.

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The Central Library of the Municipality of Athens maintains a Reading Club for a decade. Monthly meetings of the club are held in the library’s Reading Room.

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The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center organizes reading clubs aimed at all ages, from 7-year-olds to adults. Each club has its own coordinator with knowledge of the field of literature and interests of all ages.

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The Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation hosts A Reading Club “Books and readers: choose, Read, discuss at 173 Kountouriotou Street””For each meeting, a group of books with common characteristics is proposed, followed by a discussion on their content and broader theme.

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In Thessaloniki there is a Reading Club in the Central Municipal Library entitled “Counseling reading club” and thematic orientation “well being”. The club meetings are held every month in the library.

More information: Galini Efremidou [email protected]

The Reading Club also organizes the Vafopouleio Cultural Center. During the monthly meetings, participants discuss books by Greek and foreign writers, while meetings are organized with authors, translators and other people in the field of books.

More information: Eleni Tsitsimikou, [email protected] , 2313318580

In response to the modern demand for a museum open to the public, the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki organizes monthly meetings at the Reading Club in the foyer of the museum. Each month a different author is present discussing his books.

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In an effort to attract younger readers, the Municipal Library of Eleftheroupoli organizes the Teenagers Reading Club continuing its activity after the period of abstinence due to the pandemic.

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The Orthodox Academy of Crete (OAC), recognizing the importance of the book, continues the Philanagnosia Club the club will be open to the public and at monthly meetings its members will discuss around a book, which they will have read, after mutual agreement with the club’s directors, Mrs. Andromachi Chourdakis and Mr. Ioannis Mudogiannakis.

More information on Tel. 2824022245 and e-mail: [email protected].

The Municipal Library of Chania maintains two Adult Reading Clubs that hold their meetings at the Library. The Clubs, in addition to discussions around recommended books, are extremely active hosting discussions with authors, organizing visits to school and guided tours to exhibitions for their members.

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