Radium Palace

Exhibition Catalogue

K – Gold Temporary Gallery

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Greek – English

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Radium Palace

Catalogue of the Radium Palace exhibition held at K – Gold Temporary Gallery in Lesvos, curated by Nikolas Vambouklis. The exhibition was attended by sixteen Greek and foreign, up-and-coming and established artists. The exhibition featured works of sculpture, photography and painting, performance art, video, installations, publications, sound works, etc.

Of great significance is the symbolic and essential role of the title of the exhibition . Radium Palace is the name of the Kourtzis thermo-spring hotel built in 1911 with the aim of the development of cultural – spa tourism in Lesvos. However, the circumstances did not allow the success of the project and the hotel was destroyed shortly after its construction. With this story as a starting point, the exhibition focuses on the syncretic importance and in particular on the changing meaning of care through various cultural practices and emotional experiences…

Both the exhibition and the catalogue are complemented by photographic material and texts about the hotel and Panos Kourtzis’ endevour.