Title: “Platonic dialogues or why everyone parties in the cave”

Author: Haris Vlavianos

Genre: Literature

Publications: Patakis

Language: Greek

Release year: 2022

Pages: 256

Dimensions: 21 x 14 cm

IANOS and Patakis publications present on Wednesday, December 14 at 20:30 the Book of Haris Vlavianos “Platonic dialogues or why everyone parties in the cave”

They talk about the book and talk to him author Orpheus Apergis, poet, Anna Griva, writer and George Tsaknias, historian, writer.

This book is a series of tragicomic “dialogues” between spouses, lovers, friends, or strangers that highlight the most basic characteristic of human relationships: the inability to communicate meaningfully, which makes our lives a constant “comedy of misunderstandings”.Plato’s cave is transformed into an arena from which no one wants to escape. The party will last until the protagonists give up all attempts to grasp the meaning of things – and the reader, smiling rather complicit, closes the book.

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