On Monday 23 May 2022 at 19:00, the presentation of five Swiss philhellenic pamphlets, translated into Greek, which are included in the series of philhellenic texts published by the Historical and Ethnological Society of Greece – National Historical Museum (IEEE-EIM) on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the beginning of the Greek Revolution, will take place at the National Historical Museum. The translation and publication of the brochures is the result of a close cooperation between IEEE-EMI and the Swiss Association of Friends of the Andritsena Library (Association des Amis de la Bibliothèque d’Andritsena: AABA), with the aim of highlighting the philhellenic movement in Switzerland and the multifaceted contribution of the Swiss to the support of the Greek Struggle for Independence.

Johann Heinrich Müller

The translation and publication of the texts are sponsored by AABA and are under the auspices of the Embassy of Switzerland in Greece.

The event is co-organized by IEEE-IM and AABA under the auspices of the Embassy of Switzerland in Greece.

Address will be given by:

The Secretary General of IEEE, Themistocles P. Kontogouris

The President of the AABA, Dr. Dimitrios Tselepis.

The Ambassador of Switzerland to Greece, H.E. Mr. Olaf Kjelsen

The series of Swiss philhellenic publications will be presented by the Director of Research in the Department of Modern Greek Studies of the Institute of Historical Research/National Hellenic Research Foundation, Dimitris Dimitropoulos.

Excerpts from the works will be read by the actor Jérôme Kaluta.

The event will be moderated by the Deputy Director of the HEM, Dimitra Koukiou.

Γεωργάκης Ολύμπιος / Georgakis Olympios

The series includes the following publications (translation by Dr. Dimitrios Tselepis, Athens: Historical and Ethnological Society of Greece, 2022):

1) Johann Heinrich Müller, Small text to the congregation of Chaplain Müller at Embrach or A Few reasons why the Swiss ought, more than any other citizen of the world, to wish and hail the happy conquest of a noble freedom for the Greeks.

2) Ludwig Karl Stuckert, Georgakis Olympios. A sprig of tears on the grave of the fallen Greeks, planted by Ludwig Stuckert.

3) Juste Olivier, Marcos Bottsaris on Mount Arakynthos (Prize for Poetry of the Academy of Lausanne, 1825).

4) Official documents on Eynard’s aid shipments to Greece and on the situation of Greece at the end of July 1826. Published by the Geneva Commission for the Greeks. I.

5) Official documents on the aid sent to Greece by Eynard. Published by the Geneva Commission for the Greeks. III.

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