The University of Patras Publications (EPP) was founded in July 1995 with the aim of publishing high quality scientific books, journals and university textbooks. They wish to cover all scientific fields and arts, with special emphasis on current scientific developments. The print and/or electronic publishing programme of the publications aims to promote the whole range of scientific activities of the University of Patras. Responding to the role of university publications, it also seeks to offer scientifically sound and interesting works to all Greek university institutions as well as works of popular science. For this purpose, in 2011, the EPPs were integrated into the information system “Eudoxos”, the service for the provision of texts to AEI students in the country. They now have more than 100 titles of original books or translated texts and wish to expand their work in the fields of humanities and arts, technology, science, health sciences and social studies. In 2022, EPP took significant steps towards renewing and establishing itself as a university press. To find out about new releases, proposals, offers you can visit the website and e-shop of the publications:

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