The National Library of Greece (NLG), aiming to actively contribute, through literature, to the understanding between cultures, invites the reading public to study black literature.

NLG undertook the project We, the Afro-Greeks: black literature as a cultural bridge, which was awarded and co-funded by the “Hidden Stories Fund 2023” grant of the Association of European National Librarians (CELN).

The Lending Collection of the NLG was enriched with new books by authors of African origin that deal with issues of integration and racism in the host countries. The display of the collection, which will last until the end of April, is held in special display libraries (children’s and adult) on the ground floor of the NLG and is accompanied by promotional material.

A series of podcasts inviting critical dialogue on issues of identity, ethnicity and intercultural tolerance are available on the official channel of the NLG on Youtube and Spotify and will be broadcast until the end of April in the nests of the Lending Collection on the ground floor of the HBC at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre (SNFCC).

The project culminates with the event “Black Literature as a Cultural Bridge. Literature and Music Dialogue“. The event will take place on 15 March 2024 at 18:30 at the Book Tower of the NLG at the SNFCC. Katerina Schina, literary critic and distinguished translator of black literature, Ms. Ioanna Eliades, translator of award-winning black literature and Mr. Menelaos Karamagiolis, director, producer and screenwriter. The evening will be accompanied by Yinka & Alex Dermanis acoustic set with the participation of Anna Paspati.

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