The Summer Reading and Creativity Campaign is here again! This summer, from Monday 17 June to Friday 6 September, the libraries of the Hellenic Library Network welcome their little friends, inviting them to an exciting journey of discovery and discovery… from Earth to heaven! This year, in the Summer Campaign, we learn, we think, we live in the infinite universe and together we count the countless, we explain the unexplainable and we seek answers for everything we see around us and everything we cannot see.

Under the motto “From Earth to Heaven: learning, thinking, living…” and with knowledge, science, culture and man himself at the core, this summer, local libraries are transformed into beehives of exploration and creativity, inviting us on a wander around the world and unraveling the thread of life on the planet.

The Summer Reading and Creativity Campaign 2024 is organized by the National Library of Greece and is implemented thanks to the close cooperation between the National Library of Greece and the Laboratory of Pedagogical Applications and Production of Educational Materials of the Department of Primary Education of the University of Athens (Director: Professor Konstantinos D. Malafantis).

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