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Mr. Michael G. Sakellariou, Professor Emeritus of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), recently donated his family’s rich archive to the National Library of Greece. This is particularly remarkable material as it spans two centuries, the 19th and the 20th, and concerns the life and activity of two important families, the Lycurgos-Logothetis family and the Sakellariou family. Several members of the family stood out for their actions in key events of this period, such as the Greek Revolution, the emergence of Pan-Slavism, the Raisin Crisis and the Schism, while others, such as the Academician Michael V. Michael Sakellariou, were distinguished for their scientific work.

More specifically, in the archive of Georgios Logothetis Lycurgos (1772-1850), we will find documents, both pre-revolutionary and of the period of the Revolution, but also later until about 1850. These are in particular letters, diplomas, resolutions, administrative documents, while special mention should be made of the Codex of financial data of the Revolution of 1823-1833, where one can find a lot of information on issues such as military expenditure of that period. The archive closes with an attempt to interpret the Apocalypse of John, a project with which Logothetis Lycurgus was engaged in the last years of his life.

The next archival section consists of autograph poems and documents of the nephew of Georgios Anagnostou Cleanthis (1800-1848), who was a philhellene, fighter and poet. Very important and extensive is the material concerning the activities of the son of Logothetis Lycourgos, Alexandros Lycourgos, Professor of Theology at the Othonian University and Archbishop of Syros and Tinos (1827-1875). Alexander was one of the pioneers of the settlement of the Bulgarian Schism, an opponent of Pan-Slavism and an advocate of the rapprochement of the Eastern Orthodox Church with the Anglican Church.

The family tree branches when Michael G. Sakellariou (1846-1919), a doctor of law and journalist, marries Alexandros’ niece Maria. Sackellariou wrote articles for several newspapers, and was editor and editor-in-chief of the daily newspaper Peloponnisos in 1914-1917, a period during which he developed intense political activity. He was also involved in the Raisin Crisis. Irini Margelou (or Marielou, 1848-1928), niece of Alexander, friend and collaborator of Kalliroi Parren and Sevasti Kallisperis, participated in the Greek feminist movement and was a member of the board of the Union of Greek Women. She is the one who essentially preserved the family archive. Her personal archive includes her diary and drafts of biographies of her ancestors. Finally, in the archive of Michael V. Sakellariou (1912-2014), Academician and Professor of Ancient History at the Aristotle University of Athens, documents, letters, manuscripts and copies of his numerous publications can be found.

To sum up, the above documents enrich the archival collections of the National Library of Greece, offering valuable information on the Revolution of 1821, the religious, socio-political and spiritual life of the 19th and 20th centuries. They can be studied in the Reading Room of the Manuscripts and Copies Department of the National Library of Greece.