The Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Patra informs the public about the opening hours of the Municipal Library and the measures in force due to the pandemic:


Monday to Friday: 08:30 to 14:45

Tuesday: 08:30 to 19:45


Monday to Friday: 08:30 to 16:00

  1. We remind you that according to the instructions of EODY :

– The public is granted entry upon compulsory presentation at the entrance of: [a] a vaccination certificate, or [b] a certificate of infection, or [c] a certificate of a negative diagnostic test for COVID-19 coronavirus (PCR or rapid test). Minors between four (4) and seventeen (17) years of age may alternatively provide a negative selftest statement. At the same time, a police identity card or driving licence or passport or other proof of identity must be presented in order to verify identity.

The supporting documents will be checked at the corresponding departments.

– During their visit readers, are required to use a double mask or KN95 or FFFP2 throughout the entire duration of their staying in the area, observing the distances of 1.5m and generally the necessary personal hygiene measures, following at the same time the recommendations of the staff. It is advisable that readers do not visit the Library if there is any related symptom and through telephone contact seek alternatives with our staff.

– When users enter the library premises, it is necessary to register their individual details in the visitors’ book (name and telephone number) or membership card number for security reasons.

  1. The use of the reading room is always carried out, in accordance with the recommendations of the EODY for indoor areas, keeping a distance of one and a half (1.5) meters between persons [one (1) person per 2 square meters] indoors. For this reason, it is recommended that prospective visitors contact the library secretary by telephone to ascertain the availability of space in the reading room.

– The reading room is equipped with a free wireless network (Wi-Fi) for internet connection and therefore readers can use their laptops or tablets.

– Furniture (chairs, desks) may not be moved to other locations, nor may readers be moved within the space, unless necessary..

– No food or drink is allowed, except for bottled water.

  1. Browsing the shelves is not allowed. Items requested by the user are handed over by the responsible staff only. Please note that items that come into contact with the public are required to remain in quarantine for 72 hours.
  2. At the same time, the Municipal Library of Patras continues to offer remote services to the public through the information resources posted on its website, as well as in urgent cases, by sending material electronically in accordance with the rules of use, in accordance with the law on copyright.

Those who wish to borrow material or collect information from the library’s material can visit the public catalogue at and make a request either by telephone or by using the borrowing form which is posted in the electronic catalogue and on the library’s website:

where the instructions for borrowing and obtaining a membership card are indicated.

All operating and public service arrangements are posted on the Library’s website and at the entrance of the building.

The Library will re-evaluate the data and modify the guidelines as necessary to ensure compliance with security measures.

Contact numbers:

Central Library: 2610224813

Central Library Central Library: 2610312745

Children’s section: 2610226792

email: patraslibrary@gmaίl.cοm

Electronic catalogue:

Digital collections repository: