Publication presentation: Elli Droulia

Title: La France et la Grèce au XXe siècle : des archives à l’histoire, sous la direction de Maximilien Giraud et Claire Béchu [France and Greece in the 20th century: from archives to history, under the direction of Maximilien Giraud and Claire Béchu].

Author: Collective

Editing by Maximilien Giraud and Claire Béchu

Publications: École Française d’Athènes / French School of Athens

Category: History

Publication year: 2021

Pages: 443

Publication presentation: Elli Droulia

Archives: common interest between Greece and France

The robust volume includes contributions from French and Greek researchers who work systematically in the field of archives and who represent organizations that keep archives. It is structured into four sections entitled “Political, diplomatic and Military History”, “communities, and Individuals “, “Research, Education, Students”, and “Fine Arts and Literature”.

All the work underlines the importance of the archives and, at the same time, sets out the possibilities of many other research projects and future projects between the two European states.

Elli Droulia is former Director of the library of Parliament

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