Title: Nostalgia: for the Athens that I loved

Author: Dona-Lilian Kapon

Publishing House: Kapon Editions

Subject: History-Urbanography

Year: 2024

Pages: 128

Technical Features: 17χ24

This new book by Dona-Lilian Kapon is both historical and autobiographical; it becomes the vehicle for a nostalgic return to the past, to a different Athens.

The dedication of the work to her grandfather, Isaac Benjamin Kapon, who was a victim of Nazi atrocities in the Auschwitz-Birkenau camps, is moving.

From the first page, the author’s penetrating eye leads the reader to a visual return to her childhood; her memories, still alive in her soul, invite the reader to a journey in the Athens neighborhood of Pedion tou Areos and its beauty back then.

With simple sincerity and delightful language, she confides her thoughts and concerns that still hold true and are relevant. She draws out of oblivion an era completely different from the present; she succeeds in moving those who have experienced it, and in making the younger generation wonder.

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