On the occasion of the World Storytelling Day, The Library of the Orthodox Academy of Crete “the light”, organizes on Saturday, March 18, reading activities for young and old.

Saturday, March 18, 11:00-12:00m.

The Young Friends of the Library will hear from The Librarian of the OAC, Moudogiannakis Ioannis, on the occasion of the celebration of the National anniversary of March 25th, the children’s book by Filippos Mandilaras, entitled: “The Greek Revolution of 1821”. Visual action will follow.

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Tel. 2824022500

E mail [email protected]

Saturday, March 18 at 12: 00-13: 00pm.

The teacher and writer Vangelis Kakatsakis will visit the OAC’s Philanagnosia club to discuss with its members the author’s new book, titled: “drinkers will make clear stars..». dedicated to ” memory Theocles Nick. Kakatsi, chieftain of Cretan revolutions”, which contains seven short stories, ” memories of another Crete, aspects of a society that evolves through time, but retains values and virtues sculpted in the soul of the Cretan, such as faith, solidarity, perseverance, well-understood bravery…”, as he characteristically States in his preface.

Head of the Philanagnosia Club

Moudogiannakis Giannis, Librarian of the OAC

E mail: [email protected]

Chourdaki Andromachi, Philologist

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